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2D Girl is a Discord assistant made to deliver lewds on demand. Get your favorite pics from all sorts of different categories!

2D Girl

2D Girl is a Discord assistant that hand delivers lewd images on demand.
Just send pp hard in a server with her enabled and watch her go!

As a subscriber, 2D girl gets even better. She can fetch images of your desired category and you can utilize her right in your DMs!
No more being embarassed by your taste in lewds with your friends watching.

Commands Include:

  • pp hard - Sends lewd image
  • pp hard category_name - Sends lewd image from desired category
  • 2d girl help - Sends general help page for 2D Girl
  • 2d girl help command_name - Specific help on a command
  • 2d girl categories - Lists some example categories you can pull from
  • 2d girl subscription - Enables your subscription if you’re eligible or gives you the time remaining on your current subscription
  • 2d girl no-hands - Automatically pp hards for you for 1 minute!
  • 2d girl favorites - Configure your own custom list of your favorite categories for 2D Girl to pull from!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: 2d girl
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Apallo#8400
Short link: discord.ly/2d-girl