The Official WWE Bot™ #6507

Added: a year ago
Updated: 6 days ago
Created by: ・YOONGBIN™#0007
Prefix: w>

-> A multipurpose Discord bot that can make your server a bit more fun. for WWE fans and more.

Social Multipurpose Fun Moderation Utility

WWE is a multi-purpose bot dedicated to not only keeping your server safe from the RKO's it receives but, it also keeps the server fun & at-bay with it's lovely commands.

We have commands ranging from bancheck to CAH (cards against humanity.) There's even an option where you can submit emojis through wwe and, even have a starboard setup! There's tons & overall, many commands being added everyday. Because, of this it is somewhat of W.I.P bot so, if you have any suggestions for it simply, do a command called w>feedback and, not only you can send suggestions but you can input how you feel about the bot & report bugs n such.

Many users/servers enjoy using this bot on their platform. I hope you guys have too.