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FlutterShys' become a bot! Edit images, machine learning experiments, face recognition on ponies, anime and animals, search popular sites, follows subreddits or twitter, mlp, pony and more!

Multipurpose Meme Fun Utility Economy

About FlutterBot

A discord bot with a pony theme that isn't just all about ponies. FlutterBot has a few pony oriented and RP commands, but there's a bit more to it than just that. I use this bot to host experimental commands, such as machine learning based face recognition for ponies, animals, humans, anime etc. GPT-2 345M experiments, a chatbot, quite a few number of things really.

Setting up

FlutterBot's default prefix is flutterbot, you can also mention the bot with a command. You can set a custom prefix for your server: flutterbot prefix ! Then use the help command and read carefully. If you don't like using the help command, you can always use the bots online documentation which has the ability to search commands and categories.

See all my commands here: https://skitty.pewpew.space/botsys/sb-commands

What can the bot do?

FlutterBot is a work in progress with many different commands all of which cannot be shown here.

A highly configurable derpibooru search command, switch between formats and use your own content filters.

There are a fair amount of image based commands, you can see them all here: https://skitty.pewpew.space/botsys/sb-commands?search=graphics

Automatically assign roles or welcome users using member events.

Setup a starboard or allow users to pin messages to a channel.

Advanced 4chan commands for searching, mirroring threads and monitoring boards for keywords.

Popular searches for movies, youtube videos, reddit, steam games, crypto currency values, wikipedia, urban dictionary and more.

A few content aware and machine learning based image manipulation commands for keks (Face recognition for ponies, anime, furry), video creation.

Block modules or commands in channels or the guild if you don't like some.

You can also set up bot reactions, react to specific text.

Getting Help

Due to how some of the commands have configurable behavior, it's noted that some commands can be complicated to understand.

This is especially my fault since I started developing using CLI like switches/flags and eventually switched to creating minecraft style commands somewhere along the way lol.

Some examples of complicated commands: welcome messages, self-assignable roles, starboard, Derpibooru, 4chan.

Anyway, in the event that you are having trouble understanding something and still would like to use the bot, you're more than welcome to join the community and ask for some help from me or anyone.

Developers server: https://discord.gg/5s99Zpp

A note on bot farms

FlutterBot will leave bot farms.

These are guilds with an excessive bot to user % ratio.

Error reporting

If you spot any documentation errors in the bots help commands, or have any ideas on how to improve certain things, don't be afraid to reach out and make suggestions.

I'm a hobby developer and I like improving the bot and adding stuff. Many commands come from suggestions.