FlutterBot #9867

Added: 6 months ago
Updated: 14 days ago
Created by: ScriptKitty#6455
Prefix: @mention

Subscribe to subreddits, youtube, twitter. Graphics, searches, utility, mlp/mylittlepony, derpibooru, 4chan, welcome messages and more. A Fluttershy themed FlutterBot.

Multipurpose Meme Fun

The bot has no default prefix when it first joins your server and only responds when you mention the bot.

To get started, set a prefix for your server like so: @botname prefix !

The bot will then respond to commands when using the ! prefix.

#Some features

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Subscribe to subreddits.
  • Follow twitter accounts.
  • Find and follow 4chan threads.
  • mlp rp commands.
  • imDB searches
  • Misc graphics editing/generation.
  • Configurable welcome messages.
  • Disable and enable individual commands or entire command categories.

You're welcome to join my personal bot development server and make suggestions or get help! https://discord.gg/p2d93qd