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Yamamura is a bot made for the Nintendo modding community, but can also be used to do what you'd like it to.

Multiple Languages Multipurpose Fun Levelling Utility Moderation
Status Server Count Library Discord

Yamamura is an all-in-one Discord bot for assisting modding communities and more It can fulfill your server's moderation needs and create fun events for your community to enjoy, as well as provide necessary information on modding your nintendo consoles and applications.

Things our bot has

  • Website to see what we have to offer
  • Experience Points, made to reward users
  • Server Event Logging
  • Over 100 commands

To check out the commands, either check out our website or use the commands command.

Image Manipulation
Yamamura can modify your images in many ways, whether it be distorting, glitching, adding a fire effect or even putting a cover onto the image. They can be supplied with either attachments, user mentions, user IDs, user names, or links as an image.

  • If the channel in question has an image attachment before, you don't need to supply the image link all the time: It'll automatically collect it for you based on the previous message.
  • Multiple attachments and links will end up layering the image. Go nuts combining multiple images together, with proper resizing for each
  • Supported image types are PNG, JP(E)G, GIF (will loose animation) and BMPs (DS Homebrew BMPs supported)
  • Due to BMPs not being rendered in discord, they are instead exported as PNGs, hence why the pngify command exists.
  • If all you want to do is combine images, use the pngify command

Cover Commands

Yamamura features cover commands which allow you to create your very own game for that media. We have many customizable arguments too.

  • Remember Tropical Freeze's Funky Mode? Well, its back in full Funky swing for other platforms too (except Wii and Wii U)! Just add the --funky flag to the command
  • Wanna rate a newly created game as for "noob gamers"? What if it promotes "violence"? Well, Yamamura can have those things in the generated cover commands too. Just add rating:, define your rating type (ESRB or PEGI) and then add your rate (eC, e, e10, T, M & AO for ESRB with 3, 7, 12, 16 & 18 for PEGI)

Yamamura allows users to customize the bot in many ways possible. From having custom randomized user join, leave & level up messages to enabling server logging (to be used instead of the audit log), the experience can be tweaked to an administrator's liking. Use the config command to change a server's configuration (if you're an admin of that server).

  • There are a few types of configuration values: channels, strings, integers, commands & True/False. All of these can be placed in an array.
  • We are working on documenting the configuration system.
  • To set an empty value, set the value to null

Once we get a dashboard up and running, you can use the website as a replacement, making inputting new configurations much easier. You'd also be able to export/import the server configuration to/from a JSON file, allowing you to have a backup of things and easily switch between different configurations

Yamamura has access to a large database of Nintendo DS homebrew titles, so you can get information about your favorite homebrew whenever you want.

  • Get compatibility reports of your DS games with nds-bootstrap
  • Access a large list of DS homebrews, from Pokémon Bank all the way to the DSi Menu replacement
  • Read guides on how to install HiyaCFW, the only custom firmware for the DSi
  • Find kernels for your favorite flashcards

Obviously, since Yamamura is focused on modding communities, you can be sure this info stays up-to-date.

Server Experience Points
Want to have a way to reward your members for being active? That's the purpose of Server Experience Points Every time you send a message, Yamamura will generate a random number between (and including) 0-3. It will then add that to your points for that server. Every 350 messages grants you a level up.

  • Wanna use this in a competitive way of sorts? Leaderboard does just that.
  • Its a users birthday? Gift them some server points with the gift command
  • Hate how distracting level up messages are? Server Admins can turn them off!
  • Level Up Messages just aint pretty enough? Server Admins can customize them

Every message delete and message edit runs the randomizer again but then removes the point instead of adding them. Of course, in the case of message edits, the randomizer that adds points will also run.

Server Management Tools

Yamamura has some power tools to help out with server management, ranging from taking action on users to logging what they do.

  • There's no longer a need to manually count down how many warnings a user has; Yamamura will do it for you (provided the server admin uses the warn command)
  • Wanna give the member a reason for a mute/kick/ban without having to show yourself? Just use the respective moderation command
    • Keep in mind that the mute command is only a role assigner, not a permission modifier. You'll need to setup the perms yourself
  • A user keep on deleting their messages to make ghost pings? Yamamura can log those types of messages.
  • Spam in a channel that you don't want to click on every message individually to remove it? Until Discord implements the ability, you can use the purge command. It has many customization options, such as only deleting messages by bots, one that starts with a certain word and other things too
    • Keep in mind that Yamamura does not log these messages. Please be sure to backup anything important in case a user error happens.
  • A user self advertising in their play status? How about a non alphabetical nickname? Yamamura can check for those too and tell you the users when you run the command.

The amount of things Yamamura can do depends on the permissions you give it. This is why we don't include permissions in the invite link itself, defaulting it to no perms.

Helping Out
Do you want to help make Yamamura the best bot possible?! If so, here's how you can help us out:

  • Find a bug? Report it! Our developers will take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Spread the word! The more servers the bot is in, there will be more people to experience the bot.
  • Join our Discord Server! You can express your opinion about the bot there as well as partake in development. https://invite.gg/Yamamura
  • Let us know what you think of the bot, and what we should add or change! We take your opinion seriously.
  • Upvote the bot on the bot list of your preference. The more upvotes we get, the higher we are on their list.
  • If you're a programmer, you can help out with Yamamura development by sending pull requests on our GitLab repository: https://gitlab.com/Samplasion/yamamura-discord-bot

We're currently looking for help in regards to rewritting the website in Fastify alongside adding highly requested/complex features. We use Node.JS as the language backend alongside Discord.JS with Discord-Akairo.

  • Help @JeDaYoshi#7942 pay for a server by donating to his PayPal: https://paypal.me/Naydire. Currently, Yamamura is running on a VPS he's borrowing, but by donating, you can help maintain the server and buy a better one.
  • Documentation is quite sparse at the moment. We need you to help fill it out by documenting what each command does and give descriptions to the command parameters. You can do so by Sending a Pull Request on our GitLab repository.
  • Do you know another language? Help translate Yamamura.


NightScript#5597 - Lead Developer
Samplasion#0325 - Co-Developer, Italian Translation, made initial translation system, initial setting system and initial website code
Javier107#6900 - Providing covers for us to use
JeDaYoshi#7942 - Managing the Server
TheBITLINK - Owning the server we currently use
Pk11#1288 - Owning the testing server and the Pi we use for reverse proxy, Japanese Translation

Those who submitted bug reports and suggestions: Improving the bot experience daily
Those who translated Yamamura/document the bot: Helping users understand the bot
Those who put Yamamura on their server: Helping us spread the word
Those of you who use Yamamura: Enjoying our bot

...and you, for being here!