Xen #5473

Added: 6 months ago
Updated: 16 days ago
Servers: 3.8K
Created by: 🍕 very cute jake 🍕#6969
Prefix: x! or custom
Users: 226.2K

High quality music bot with a bunch of other features

Multipurpose Music Economy Moderation Utility Meme

Xen is a high quality music bot providing features such as google, music, moderation utilities, automod, greeting and farewells, logs and so much more.

Music commands - Xen has amazing music quality and over 14 commands to control the way you listen.

Moderation commands - Xen is fully equipped with moderation logs for a bunch of commands to keep your server clean.

Automod - Blocks off Discord invite links and mass mentioning with full customisability.

Logs - Xen comes with nickname edit logs, role adding/removing logs, greetings and farewells.