Botty #4638

Added: a year ago
Updated: a month ago
Created by: Bullfrog098#7886
Prefix: b!

Botty is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.

Music Moderation Fun Levelling Economy Meme

-Moderation- b!ban {@user} {reason} -Bans user b!kick {@user} {reason} -Kicks user b!mute {@user} {reason} -Mutes user b!unmute {@user} -Unmutes user b!tempmute {@user} {time} -Mutes user for certain amount of time b!purge {1-100} -Deletes that amount of messages and more

-Other Command lists- b!todo -Pulls up to-do commands

-Fun- b!urban {search} -Searches Urban Dictionary b!wiki {search} -Searches wiki b!weather {place} -Brings up weather on that place b!find {name} -Finds a person on your server b!level -Shows your level/xp b!afk {reason} -Sets you afk b!meme -Sends a meme b!achievement {Text} -Makes a mincraft meme achievement b!coinflip -Flips a coin b!say -Makes Botty say something b!calc {ex: 2+2} -Solves a math problem b!roll {number} {amount of rolls} -Rolls a dice b!randomcolor -Sends a random color and over 200 more