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Created by: Luke#1000
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The sauciest & most educational meme bot around!

Meme Fun


Vsauce is a discord started in June 2018 by Luke#1000 in python after watching a bunch of "Vsauce but out of context" videos and wanting to make something to send a random quote from one of those videos and since then it has evolved to way more than just that! It originally started with some really janky code that barely worked and was extremely inefficient, but I soon after rewrote the bot from the ground up and from there it's gained over 150 servers, and 40,000 users which are crazy! I never expected to have a project this large, Thank you all ❤.

If you want to support Vsauce you can upvote the bot you can click here and here to help us gain servers.

Support, Wiki, and Issues

If you find something wrong, need help or want to suggest new features for the bot you can check out these great resources we provide!

  • We've of course got a discord server for anyone who needs help, wants to report a bug, or suggest a new feature and even if you just want to chill with some nice people! Click here to join!

  • For some quick support, you can most likely find what you're looking for on our documentation, https://docs.vsauce.pw