Exertia - RPG #8700

Added: 9 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Created by: Meow#6825
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The new revolutionary manual and automatic rpg bot!


The new revolutionary rpg bot is here!

Create and raise your Civilization!

Be the best chieftain the universe, Exertia have!

Train troops, battle monsters, raid cities (soon) and climb the leaderboards!

Around 20 troops to train, including villagers, peasants, dogs, and even thunderbirds and phoenixes!

Level up troops to make them even more stronger!

Battle monsters and get numerous resources!

Give resources to other chieftain!

Build new resource buildings; farms, sawmills, manafountains and mines!

Upgrade the main buildings; castle, barracks, tower, workshop, longhouse, navalshipyard, aviary, and fort!

Make your king be the strongest king! Set him to a adventure and buy him equipments!

Coming soon: Guilds and all of the things in it, queen, heroes, spells and skills and many more...!

So what are you waiting for? Come and start playing Exertia: RPG now!