DamarBot #4424

Added: a year ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Created by: manlethamlet#0631
Prefix: d-

A multipurpose bot with many different types of commands, including fun, Star Trek, and utility!

Multipurpose Fun Social Meme

Bringing the glory of Cardassia to your Discord server! DamarBot (formerly Gul Damar) is a bot created by manlethamlet#0631 to add a little bit of Star Trek to your server. Damar has five different categories of commands: Fun, Moderation, Searching, Trek, and Utility. The prefix is d- which cannot be changed to a server-side prefix. Some examples of commands are: d-4chan (sends a 4chan post), d-episode (suggests a random Star Trek episode), and d-bogpill (gives a quick rundown). Current bot version: 2.6 Akira