Zora #1395

Added: 10 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Created by: DekuTree#0460
Prefix: +

A modular discord bot that is fully customizable!

Moderation Music Meme Multipurpose Fun Economy Utility Web Dashboard



A modular discord bot that is fully customizable!


  • Music
    • Youtube links
    • Searching youtube
    • Queuing songs
    • Skip, Pause, Resume, and Stop commands
    • Soundcloud
  • Meme dumper from Reddit
    • Server specific subreddits
  • Stack Overflow Search
  • Weather command
  • Joke command
  • Yodaspeak translator
  • Google Translate
  • Currency Converter with Crypto Support
  • Custom server settings
    • Custom prefix
    • Custom automod
    • Custom name
  • Auto-sharding
  • Moderator Logging
  • Greeting and Farewell messages
  • Xp and leveling
  • Admin commands
    • Kick
    • Ban
    • Purge
    • Say

Installation (Invite Zora)

Zora is the official bot hosted by the creators of this repo, you can invite it to your discord server by clicking the link below: INVITE Zora


  • +help Then check your dm's


  • To access admin commands you must have a role with the Administrator permission

  • The prefix will change depending on the server, by default it is usually either "+" or "."