RustBot #0739

Added: a year ago
Updated: a year ago
Created by: Jojo#8710
Prefix: r!

All in one bot for all your out of game needs.

Gaming Utility Fun

RustBot gets Rust stats from the Steam API, gets information about Rust servers and other fun commands.

RustBot is 100% free and 100% opensource.


Note: All commands with "*" next to it require a steam ID 64 to use. Example Syntax: r!kills 76561198067054205



Rust Stat Commands(6):


*r!deaths |Shows a list of current death stats for the given Steam ID 64.

*r!kd |Shows the current K/D ratio for the given Steam ID 64.

*r!kills |Shows a list of current kill stats for the given Steam ID 64.

*r!resources |Shows a list of current rescorces gathered stats for the given Steam ID 64.

r!currentplayers |Shows the current amount of players playing rust.

r!craft |Shows the amount of materials needed to craft an item.

Rust Server Commands(2):


r!info |Shows info about a server such as the player count and queue.

r!serverlist |DMs the user a list of usable servers with the r!info command.

Rust Stat Record Commands(2):


*r!record |Records the current stats of the given Steam ID 64.

*r!wipestats |Compares current stats to the ones you recorded.

Other Commands(2):


r!help |DMs the user the list of commands and a description.

r!about |Shows stuff about the bot.