ServerMate #2478

Added: 5 months ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Created by: InsideDev#9477
Prefix: !

A partner bot that allows you to broadcast your bump advertisement message to ALL of its servers every 20 mins! Also with Global Chat

Social Moderation Gaming Utility Multipurpose

Introducing ServerMate. The best way to get your server seen by other servers!

◉ Bump your server every 20 minutes to all of the bots servers! ◉ Global Chat like never seen before ◉ A prefix changer to stop other bots from getting in the way ◉ Easy to setup ◉ Under constant development!

Visit our Documentation Site:

Command List:

Remember to use the prefix with each command!


  • !help DM's you the global Help message
  • !news Shows the update news log [New]
  • !bumps Displays the daily and total bump count
  • !tutorial DM's you ServerMate's setup information
  • !info Displays ServerMates's Statistics
  • !ping Displays the bots exact ping (Not rounded)
  • !invite Displays the bots invite link and support server
  • !servers Shows the live server count
  • !vote Displays the link to upvote our bot
  • !faq Displays the link to our FAQ / Support page
  • !credits Displays a list of all of the people who made this bot possible


  • !bump Advertises your Server on other Servers that the bot is in

Help ServerMate

  • !vote Displays the link to upvote our bot
  • !suggest <-suggestion-> Suggest an idea or feature to the developer


  • !kick <@mention> Kicks the mentioned user from the current server
  • !ban <@mention> Bans the mentioned user from the current server
  • !clean <#value> Cleans the provided amount of messages


  • !config <#prefix> <#newPrefix> Configure your server's prefix for the bot
  • smgc!channel <#channel> Sets the custom global chat channel for your server [Use the smgc! prefix not normal]

  • Tag @ServerMate at any time to find out your Custom Server prefix


So, what are you waiting for? Get your server advertised today for free!

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