ThighBot #6277 NSFW

Added: 7 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Created by: Connor#3588
Prefix: &

This is a bot mainly used for fun, chat management, and SFW and NSFW image searching. "Thicc thighs save lives, but thigh-highs are my demise..." (Einstein).

Fun Meme Multipurpose

Prefix: &
<> = optional
thigh: main command, can search for SFW thighs, NSFW thighs, or custom anime searches.
SFW Example: &thigh sfw <custom search> <amount of images (less than 5)>
NSFW Example: &thigh nsfw <custom search> <amount of images (less than 5)>
Custom Example: &thigh <site (do &thigh sites to find them) or custom search> <amount of images (less than 5)>
search (search terms): a google image search.
flipoff (person): flip a user off.
roll (maximum number): rolls a die from 1 to whatever number you specify.
say (statement): make the bot say something instead of you.
purge (number to purge): delete this number of messages above this command.
ping: check your latency to the server.

And many more commands, just do &help when you add the bot to your server to get them!

If you have any ideas to improve the bot or have any command ideas, PLEASE DM me @BottleTopped#3588.
Also, join my server if you want to, I guess: