Invite Deleter #1473

Added: 3 months ago
Updated: a month ago
Created by: Electron#7832
Prefix: + (or @mention)

Invite Deleter helps your servers stying free from spam by catching them before they join

Automod Moderation

Note: this bot does not remove invite links posted by users in chat, if you're looking for this feature, find another bot instead.

Before starting, here's a list of what the permissions requested in the invite are needed for:

  • Ban members: the most basic permission, needed to protect your server. If unchecked, Invite Deleter will still read data from your server to protect others
  • Create instant invite: our staff team may create invite links to your server to join to investigate spam reports, or to keep in touch with our userbase and solve any potential issue that may rise with the bot.
  • Read messages: this is the most basic permission, needed to respond to commands and send evidence for reports.
  • Send messages: how can the bot answer commands if it cannot send messages?
  • Embed links: some commands output embeds (those cool formattings bots can send) as part of their response
  • Attach files: some other commands may need to send images/files
  • Add reactions and use external emojis: Invite Deleter uses custom emojis in some outputs to show if a command was executed successfully or not. Additionally, some actions may require confirmation by clicking on specific reactions.

Invite Deleter is a single-purpose bot targeting spam bots invading your servers with a smart connection system between other servers. This bot is pretty useful especially during sex bot attacks. The working flow is the following:

  • A spam account joins a server with Invite Deleter in.
  • If the username of the accound is a Discord invite link, it will be banned on sight.
  • As soon as the spammer sends a blacklisted sentence, it will be banned from your server, and in every other server Invite Deleter can ban users from, preventing it to join
  • If they somehow survive the nuke, you can always report the account with evidence to our moderators with the +report command, so a human will take care of it.

Sounds cool, right? Are there any protections against false positives?

  • Yes, there are. The automatic ban will be issued if the account has been created in the past 72 hours, so the risks of legitimate users getting caught in the crossfire is reduced by 99%

Most of our users are satisfied, and thanks to the automated bans and Discord's contribute with making them IP bans, the amount of spam reduce exponentially every account banned.

Invite Deleter is always evolving to be ready to face any upcoming threats and keep you safe from everything.

If you by any chance get wrongly banned by this bot, please contact our Support team. We'll review the action and eventually remove the ban.

Upcoming features

  • Per-server configuration
  • Ability to synchronize previously banned users in newly joined servers
  • More interactive report features

Note: to access the message banlist features, at the moment, you'll have to have a role named +enable-experimental-blacklist in your server, otherwise it won't work (it's an experimental feature)