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Lavender is a Discord.JS-based bot that allows 3 things: easy moderation, boat-loads of fun, and lightweight self-deployment.

Lavender Banner (formerly Miku-Chan)

Features to Come:

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Building Lavender is super simple. Open a terminal with Node.JS and NPM installed and simply do:

npm install

Afterwards, take the config.ex.json and edit it to your likings. You will need to make a Discord bot using the Discord Developer panel and put the token in the config file. After that, simply run the following command and you're good to go:

npm start

Licensing and Accrediations

Lavender couldn't have been done without support for roughly 1 year now. The head developers, and current developers, are Matt (@Incrested) and Lucas(@Ultra03).

The Lavender code is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 and developed in full by Matt and Lucas.

The Lavender logo, banner, and other graphics are property of Knox, Corp. © 2018 Knox, Corp. Some rights reserved. The logo and banner was developed by employee, Lucky.