Peepo #7403

Added: a year ago
Updated: 12 days ago
Created by: Cake#0002
Prefix: $

A discord bot that provides, fun, image-manipulating, moderation and queries to your server.

Meme Fun Moderation Social Gaming


## Peepo Version - 1.3 - ALPHA ##

Peepo Bot Command list:

Support server - CLICK ME
Prefix is $.

Peepo automatically creates a role called - peepo:muted when using $mute command

When using $mute I haven't coded an unmute, so make the times accurate or remove them from the peepo:muted role.



Command Description Status
BugReport Send a bug report directly to my designated channel. ✅
Changelog Get the latest information on the current build, and what's changed. ✅
Commands Have an advanced embed showing all commands ✅
Help Shows help on the specified command. ✅
Suggest Send a suggestion report directly to my designated channel. ✅



Command Description Status
Slots Spins the reels of the slot machine and shows you the result. (Pointless really) ✅
ThisOrThat Asks a this or that question. ✅
WouldYouRather Asks a would you rather question. ✅



Command Description Status
Avatar Shows avatar of a specified user of your Discord server. ✅
ChannelInfo Shows information of a specified text or voice channel of your Discord server. ✅
InRole Shows members that have a specified role in your Discord server. ✅
Live Shows the list of users in your Discord server who are currently streaming. ✅
Ping Shows the response time and average WebSocket ping of Peepo. ✅
RoleInfo Shows various information on a specific role. ✅
Roles Shows all roles and their ID'S ✅
ServerInfo Shows information of the Discord server. ✅
Stats Shows detailed stats and info of Peepo ✅
TopGames Shows information of what the most top player games are within the discord server (Resets after Peepo restarts) ✅
Twitch Shows information of a live twitch channel. ✅
UserInfo Shows information of a specified user of your Discord server. ✅
UserLookup Fetches basic information of a user from Discord. ✅



Command Description Status
Airhorn Plays an airhorn in a voice channel. How to annoy everyone 101. ✅
Besans I'm already TRACER, BE SANS! ✅
BuildaWall Plays a trump remix of building a wall. ✅
Die I really just wanna die. ✅
FBI Plays "FBI OPEN UP" meme. ✅
Fuckhumanity Plays a song about fucking all of humanity ✅
Gimmehentai Plays a song about wanting your own hentai girl. ✅
Lion Iconic lion-king theme thing. ✅
ManTits Plays a sad song about having man-tits. ✅
Mystate My state of mind. ✅
Rollme This world is gonna roll me. ✅
Scoobs Yo scoobs, that's whack. ✅
Steppin Plays Spongebob steppin' on a beach. ✅
Thot Plays "BE GONE THOT": ✅
ZING Plays.. Well. Play it. I won't share this one. ✅



Command Description Status
Beans Bean you, bean me. Bean everybody in the world. ✅
BeLikeBill Send a "be like bill meme" to make you feel morally superior to others. ✅
BlockText Sends the given text as text emojis. ✅
Christmas Advent-Calendar, runs from 1st to 24th of December. Get yourself a gift daily. 120+ possibilities. ✅
Clapify I 👏 want 👏 more 👏 cake ✅
Compliment Compliment a user, since you couldn't think of one yourself. ✅
Dicksize Ever wondered what you size up to another user? Now's the chance. ✅
FidgetSpinner Fuck me why did I even add this, kill myself. ✅
Fortune Tells you your fortune... from a fortune cookie. Neat. ✅
Insult Hey you. Yeah you. Go fuck yourself. ✅
Personality Discover your true personality. ✅
Pickup Got the hots for a girl and don't know what to say? You added me to your server. I'm basically your wingman now. ✅
Punch Start a fight! Punch a god damn user. ✅
Ship Combines two or more mentioned user's names. ✅
Skyrim I use to write full descriptions until I took an arr-- ✅
Slap User being a bitch? Slap them back into place. ✅
Vaporwave īŧ´īŧ¨īŧŠīŧŗ īŧŠīŧŗ īŧŖīŧ¯īŧ¯īŧŦ ✅
Vine Well ain't this just a classic. ✅



Command Description Status
Bunny Fetch a bunny. ✅
Cat Fetch a kitty. ✅
Dog Fetch a cute woofer. ✅
Duck Fetch a quacker. ✅
Fox Fetch a fox. ✅
Meme Fetch a dank meme. ✅



Command Description Status
Achievement Generate a shitty minecraft achievement. I'll provide one when you die as well ✅
Beautiful Wanna show a user they're beautiful? Go on then. ✅
Bobross [RIP BOBROSS] Man, let him paint you. Or someone else. ✅
Changemymind Change my mind on something, I dare you. I fucking DOUBLE DARE YOU. ✅
Clyde Mock up some text from the default Discord Bot. ✅
Confused Be confused. You're confusing. Send it. ✅
Cowsay The Cow says -- MOOOOOVEEEEEE BIIITCH ✅
Facepalm Hey did that user say some dumb shit? Facepalm it! ✅
Garbage Show everyone who's garbage. Show em'.. Show em' yourself. you piece of shit. ✅
Hates Show everyone the 4 things you hate the most ✅
Jpeg JPEG quality a url photo. ✅
Magik MAGIK quality a url photo. ✅
Gay Hey, support the gays. Show the support. Colour that avatar. ✅
Sniper That TF2 sniper is FUCKING terrified of you. ✅
Triggered T R I G G E R E D.gif ✅
Tweet Mock up text from any twitter name. RealDonaldTrump I'm coming for you. ✅
VaultBoy I've always wanted to be a Fallout survivor ✅
VirtualReality This is so realistic. I wanna cry ✅



Command Description Status
Destiny2 Get stats of any Destiny2 player. ✅
Fortnite Get stats of any Fortnite player. ✅
Overwatch Get stats of any Overwatch player. ✅
Rainbow6 Get stats of any Rainbow Six player. ✅

Adding new ones soon. Some API'S were removed



Command Description Status
EndPoll Ends a poll and shows the results. (if any) ✅
IAm Adds yourself to a 'Self-Assignable Role' if the server has any. ✅
IAmNot Removes yourself from a 'Self-Assignable Role'. ✅
Poll Create a poll with 2 options and set a time (Default time if not provided is 60 minutes) ✅
PollStats Get information on a poll that is running. ✅



Command Description Status
Asar Server_Admin Add a role to the "Self Assignable Role" list. ✅
Disablecommand Server_Admin Disable a specific Peepo command for all use. ✅
Enablecommand Server_Admin Enable a specific Peepo command for all use. ✅
Lsar Server_Admin List the "Self Assignable Role" list. ✅
MembersOnly Server_Admin Disable Peepo from being used from users without a role. ✅
ModLog Server_Admin Shows various Moderation (Audit) logs. (Pointless, view your Audit log.) ✅
Rsar Server_Admin Remove a role from the "Self Assignable Role" list. ✅
ReportChannel Server_Admin Set a specific channel designated for users that use the $report command. ✅
ResetModerationLogs Server_Admin Resets the Mod-Log back to 1. ✅
ServerSettings Shows various moderation settings on what's been toggled and what hasn't been. ✅
StreamerRole Server_Admin Make a specific role the "Streamer Role" so when a user starts streaming, he's automatically placed there. ✅
Streamers Server_Admin Adds / removes / displays the list of streamers followed by the server to get notified when they are live. ✅
TogglePeepo Server_Owner Enable / Disable Peepo within your server. (This includes all modules + commands) ✅



Command Description Status
Ban Bans the specified user from your Discord server and removes 7 days of their message history. ✅
Case Fetches any moderation action, that's placed within the moderation log channel. ✅
Clear Deletes a bulk of specified messages from a text channel of your Discord server. ✅
ClearWarn Clears all warnings from the given user. ✅
Kick Kicks the specified user from your Discord server. ✅
ListWarns Lists all the warned users of your Discord Server. ✅
Lockdown Lockdown whatever channel this command is used in for a specific amount of time (Sad face. No more porn gifs) ✅
Mute Mute a specific user for a certain period of time. ✅
Report Report a user to the Discord's server's appropriate user's. ✅
SoftBan Bans & unbans the specified user, immediately, from your Discord server and removes 7 days of their message history. ✅
UnBan You know what this does. ✅
Warn Warns the specified user. If three warns are given, some action, created by the warnAction command, is taken. ✅
WarnAction Sets the warn action for the server {Used for above command}. ✅



Command Description Status
4Kporn Obtains a random HIGH QUALITY IMAGE of porn. (Hello Quality? I'd like to invest in 8K some time.) ✅
Asian Obtains a random image of an Asian. (I won't judge you.) ✅
Ass Obtains a random image of Ass. (Hello right hand, it's me) ✅
Bdsm Obtains a random image of BDSM / Bondage. (Well. Rope me dead.) ✅
Blowjob Obtains a random image/gif of a girl giving a Blowjob. (It's a job to blow air? Wow.) ✅
Boobs Obtains a random image of Boobs. (Hello right hand, it's me) ✅
Cameltoe Obtains a random image of a Cameltoe. (Hey, did you steal that toe from the camel? Give it back.) ✅
Cosplay Obtains a random image of a sexc Cosplayer.(Hello Favourite Video game? I'm going to exploit you.) ✅
Cum Obtains a random image/gif of a girl receiving cum. (What a sticky situation.) ✅
Creampie Obtains a random image/gif of a girl receiving a creampie. (Oh my god. I love Cream pie. Buy me some.) ✅
Futanari Obtains a random image of a dick.. on a girl? (Hello Mum, I'm scared.) ✅
Grool Obtains a random image of Grool. (Hello right hand, it's me) ✅
Hentai Obtains a random image/gif of..sigh..Hentai.. from an API. (Hello Police? I'd like to report a crime.) ✅
Lesbian Obtains a random image of Lesbians. (Hello gay friends, I support you.) ✅
PornGif Obtains a random gif of a pornographic environment. (Hello Technology? I'd like to thank you.) ✅
Tentai Obtains a random image of Tentacle Porn. (Hello OCTUSPUS POLICE?! I'M REPORTING ILLEGAL SHIT.) ✅
Titfuck Obtains a random image/gif of tit-fucking. (Why?) ✅
Vagina Obtains a random image of a Vagina. (Hello both hands. It's me. Ya boy.) ✅