PewDiePie #7718

Added: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Created by: Enter New Name#5400
Prefix: p. ( Customisable! )

A discord bot for memes, getting the subcount of PewDiePie and T-Series, currency commands like timely, gamble, and so much more!

Economy Fun Meme Utility

PewDiePie Commands

This will explain throughly on how each availiable command works and will show how it is used, for more help and support, you can join the Support Server. Please be reminded that these commands may not be all of them and i always update regulary to ensure commands are always updated

Why was this bot made?

PewDiePie was made for the sole purpose of just the subcounts, then i started to add new commands and think of other stuff along the way. These aren't gonna be the only commands forever, is it now!?

General Commands

Command Usage Information
@PewDiePie prefix @PewDiePie prefix [optional: new prefix ] The prefix is p., but it is here just in case, you can also do p.prefix newprefix for a custom one
invite p.invite PewDiePie sends you his invite
support PewDiePie sends you his super awesome Support Server
ping You can get my speed of the discord websocket connection
stats p.stats You can get my current statistics such as guild count, commands used, etc
uptime p.uptime You can get how long i have been running for
feedback {feedback} Send feedback to us, please do not abuse

Utility Commands

Command Usage Information
userinfo p.userinfo or p.userinfo @User#1234 I send you the current information of you or an user
serverinfo p.serverinfo I send you the current information of your server
perms p.perms or p.perms @User#1234 You get the current permissions of you/an user in your server

Fun Commands

Command Usage Information
subcount p.subcount This command gets the subcount of T-Series and PewDiePie
poll p.poll {poll_message} You can send a poll of what to debate over in your discord channel!
meme Get your fresh memes off of reddit >:)

PewDieCoin Commands

Command Usage Information
balance p.balance or or p.$ Gets how much coins you have in your pouch
timely p.timely Get 75 coins each 4 hours
coinflip p.coinflip (heads or tails) (amount to gamble) Flips a coin, you either win that amount or lose that amount
give p.give (amount) @User#1234 PewDiePie gives away a specific amount of coins away to that user (No Refunds)
leaderboard [optional: global] or p.leaderboard [optional: global] Who has the most pewdiecoins >:) in your server, add global to see everyones!
Shop Shows you roles for sell
Shop Add add (amount) (role name or role id) Sells a role to the Shop
Shop Buy buy (shop_role_id) Buys an role off the shop
Shop Remove remove (shop_role_id) Removes a role off the shop
Shop edit edit (shop_role_id) (new amount) Edits the price of an role

Thank you for using PewDiePie and we hope you use it in the future to come