News-Bot #6938

Added: 4 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Created by: Bappy0X#8457
Prefix: nb/

A Discord bot that announces the news, as it happens!

Moderation Social


You can find a full list of commands below. The prefix is not mentioned anywhere throughout this documentation. But, you can find it by looking at the bot's game.


These are basic commands that you should expect with most bots.

Command Alias Description
Help None Displays a help message.
Ping None Calculate the bot's ping in milliseconds.
Invite None Get the bot's invite link.
Botinfo None Display information about the bot.
Serverinfo None Display the current server's settings.
Motd None Display the Message of The Day.
Vote None Display the bot's voting links.


Censorship is self explanatory, it deletes messages containing bad words.

Command Alias Description
Enablecensoring [true/false] Enablecensorship Turn on or off censorship for the server.
Setcensormessage [message] Censormessage Change the censorship message.


There's only one news command right now, but more will come soon.

Command Alias Description
Latest None Display the latest news story.


Subscription will automatically send news stories to the selected channel.

Command Alias Description
Subscribe Sub Subscribe to the news feed.
Unsubscribe Unsub Unsubscribe from the news feed.
Setnewschannel None Change the news feed channel.