MagikBot #8505

Added: 10 days ago
Updated: 2 days ago
Created by: Magik#6406
Prefix: m- (customizable)

A beautiful bot with commands for fun, moderation, settings, general, utility, text and information.

Moderation Fun Multipurpose Utility


MagikBot is a bot created by LemMagik # 6406, it is a bot for the same LemMagik, but also for other users. This bot contains fun, moderation, configuration, utility, information and text commands.

Quick Guide

  • Use m-prefix to view or change the prefix of the bot.

  • Use m-help to see the list of commands, if you have DM deactivated the bot will send a message on the channel.

  • Use m-help (command) to get specific help for a desired command.

MagikBot: 2018 - 2019