Gladze #0210

Added: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Created by: allvzx#6263
Prefix: &

High Quality Music Bot From Indonesia, Developed By Allvaa#6263.


Intro =

Hi, I'm Gladze. I'm a High Quality Music Bot From Indonesia. Here My Main Feature Is Music, And May Not Have My Main Feature Other Than Music :'v

Help =

  • If You Don't Know My Prefix, Just Mention Me @Gladze#0120.
  • If You Want To See My Commands List, Just Type &help.
  • If You Find a Bug on This Bot, Please Report by Running The &bugreport Command.

Please, Give Me an Upvote and Invite Me To Your Server, As a Support.

Thx For Inviting and Give my Bots Upvotes! :)

Developed by Allvaa#6263