Warframe Alerts #7384

Added: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Servers: 387
Created by: Orrden#8362
Prefix: +

This bot posts to your discord server with the newest Warframe alerts; keep your group informed. Access setup information with +help.

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Warframe Alerts [PC Version]

[UPDATE 20190129]

  • Added functionality for translations on alerts. Use +set lang [xx] using your country's ISO-639-1 code

[UPDATE 20190120]

  • Began adding framework to allow translations between languages
  • Fixed an error where alerts would stop sending if they failed to send to any servers this bot was added to.

Warframe Alerts bot posts warframe alerts to your discord server to help keep your group and community informed.

Warframe Alerts bot requires that a few requirements be met:

  • Warframe Alerts must be in a Bot role that has access to 'manage roles' permission
  • A channel must be added called, 'warframe-alerts'
  • A role must be created called, 'notify' (this will be used to manage those who get mentioned)
  • 'notify' role must be below 'bot' role so that bot can manage it

Available commands are:

  • +help (setup information, admin only)
  • +notifyme (adds the 'notify' role to anyone who types it)
  • +unfollow (removes the 'notify' role to anyone who types it)
  • +commands (lists available commands)
  • +set lang [xx] (sets language for warframe alerts, use your country's ISO-639-1 code http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php)