Tale #4536

Added: 3 months ago
Updated: a month ago
Servers: 30
Created by: run#0001
Prefix: + (Customizable)
Users: 64.0K

Moderation Discord Bot made using discord.js, focused on Customizability, quality and enjoyability.

Moderation Logging

The Default prefix is +

You can Change the prefix by executing: "config prefix [new prefix]"

You can get a list of command categories by executing: "+help"


Simple Moderation:
    Kick, Softban, ban & mute
    Purge messages
    Lock and Unlock channels
    Addrole & Removerole
    Welcome and Leave messages (Channel customizable)
    Detailed User information
    Detailed Bot information
    Clean responses
    Advanced Logging
And Much More!

90% uptime, Hosted 24/7 Add Tale to your server and say +help to get a list of command categories, then execute the +help [category name] to get a list of all commands in that category.