Cyberbot #2244

Added: 17 days ago
Updated: 17 days ago
Created by: Blazin#9698
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A multipurpose bot that can do many things, flip a coin, set a welcome channel, set a logs channel, etc.

Music Automod Autorole Moderation Fun Meme Economy Logging

warning Moderator warning: this bot does log messages by default

You can disable that, as a user, using +data command or a server owner using +servdata. It's may be important to read the privacy policy of this bot before using it. Part of that is that the owner monitors certain offensive messages and may issue a ban for certain users across all servers the bot manages, though with a notice to servers owners. Read their privacy policy thoroughly for details and contact the bot owner for more clarifications.

Cyberbot has many commands! You are able to set a role that is able to use moderation commands! You are able to set a welcome & goodbye channel! You are also able to set a logging channel, make statistic channels, get all roles made for you as well as channels! Cyberbot allows you to easily control your server! It also features a few commands for your members! Such as +Coinflip | +Choose | +Coins | +Rip | +Num | etc. Not only does Cyberbot have all this but it also has a level up system! And we all know what you might be thinking, "Ugh, not one of those, that system is really annoying", well, I have thought of that, When someone levels up the message is sent to the current channel! And not only that, but Cyberbot then deletes the level up message after 2-3 seconds so chat can continue with how it was!