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Added: 3 months ago
Updated: 6 days ago
Created by: Timo Aardappel#6163
Prefix: sh!

Shinka is a high quality Discord music bot which streams high quality audio through Discord's voice channels!

Anime Music

Shinka is a high quality Discord music bot which uses Lavalink to stream high quality audio from YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixer, Vimeo and Bandcamp!

Current commands:

Clearqueue - Clear every track from the queue

Loop - Loop the queue, every track in the queue will continue playing

Nowplaying - Get information about the currently playing track

Pause - Pause the currently playing track

Play - Play any track you want from the supported platforms

Queue - See every track that's currently in the queue

Remove - Remove a specific track from the queue

Replay - Reset the progress of the currently playing track

Resume - Resume the currently paused track

Seek - Seek to specific time within the track

Shuffle - Shuffle the current queue

Skip - Skip to the next track in the queue

Skipto - Skip to a specific track within the queue

Stop - Stop playing, clear the queue and let Shinka leave the voice channel

Unloop - Unloop the queue, every song will now again be cleared from the queue once it ends

Volume - Change the volume of the currently playing track

Ping - Check Shinka's response time to Discord

Help - See a list of commands and how to use them

Status - See basic information about Shinka

More commands soon!