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A cool little bot with commands for gamers, server owners and developers.

Economy Anime Moderation Music Roleplay Autorole

Hey there!

My Name is Silica

I would like to show you some of my features:


You can set some useful stuff for your guild.
As an example you can set an autorole or a welcome message.


Currently you can use the daily command to collect cookies, you can give some of your cookies to other users
or you can try to get cookies by using the slots command to play with the Slot Machine.


In this category you will find some basic commands for the bot.
As an example, you can get Information about the bot or see the current stats.
You are also able to create your own profile with a personalized description and properties you can set.


Here you will find a few commands for some random Anime Images.


In this category you can get Information about different items of a server. As an example, Information about specific channels, emojis, roles or the whole server. If you want to know something about other users on a server, you can use the userinfo command.


I guess I'm able to execute the most basic Moderation commands. As an example: ban, kick and purge, also known as clear.
There's also a command called banlist, with this command you can get a list of all bans of a server.


Get the bot into your voice channel and use youtube links to play music. There are some configuration commands, as an example you can skip a song.


Who doesn't love Roleplay Commands? There are a lot of different roleplay commands to use. Just try them out.


This category includes both, Fun and helpful commands. As an example, you can contact the developer with a DM. You can also get the link of an emoji of a server, so you're able to download it.

Commands / Features I would like to add (I'm working on)

If your interested, you may just use the invite link and invite me ^^
Thanks for reading.