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878bot is easy-to-use bot with many functions example: entertainment and server help!

878 bot is create at:2020/2/17

878 bot is a discord bot

878 bot has 101 functions



8!help 1 general

8!help 2 admin

8!help 3item

8!help 4 fun

8!help 5 search

8!help 6 private

8!help 7 random


8!help 1 (general)

8!hello hello

8!say {Message you want to say} Repeat typing

8!botinvite{@bot} view it’s invite URL

8!botinfo Info of 878 bot

8!smc server information

8!av view avatar

8!user {member}

8!checkwarns view warn

8!invite invite 878 Bot to your server

8!aadmin View administrator (only for yourself)

8!madmin View administrator (only for mention)

8!report {error} Error report

8!spam {spam message} spam command

8!math {number} computer (please use ;)

8!level view the level of command

8!help 3(item)

8!shop shop

8!buy buy in 8!shop’s item

8!bal View balance

8!work work

8!setitem {item name} {item price} {item number} Create item

8!moveitem {item number} Remove item

8!save {money} save to bank

8!take {money} take money in your bank

8!day Daily Reward

8!week week Reward

8!lb money Leaderboard

8!blb bank Leaderboard

8!fish fishing

8!pay {@member} {money} give money

8!interest get interest

8!eat eat

8!rob {@user name} rob

8!month month Reward (Premium)

8!bankrob {@user name} rob bank(Premium)

8!bpre buy premium

8!bdp buy supper premuim

8!updp up to supper premuim

8!tlb treasury Leaderboard

8!dplb view supper premuim

8!streasury save money in treasury

8!ttreasury take money in treasury

8!beg begger (Premium)

8!help 4 (fun)

8!gay (gay)

8!handsome (handsome)

8!luck (luck)

8!beautiful (beautiful)

8!cute (cute)

8!sexy (sexy)

8!mp (Metamorphosis)

8!ugly (ugly)

8!earth (Earth destruction)

8!smart (smart)

8!stupid (Idiot)

8!kill (kill member)

8!love (love )

8!rubbish (rubbish)

8!casino (Slot machine)

8!number (number)

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Prefix: 8!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: zheng0827#4893
Short link: discord.ly/878-bot