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Aerolinia is the perfect bot for growing your Ro-Aviation Discord server.

Aerolinia is the perfect bot to help grow your Ro-Aviation Discord server. It’s commands are built for Ro-Aviation, with a flightshout command that will shout your flights with a perfect format, nice coloring, and a .gif. It also has an amazing suite of fun commands, like a rickroll command to get some laughs, along with the Mr. Moon riddle keep your members guessing. If you just want to announce an embed, you can easily do so using our amazing embed creator, and you can keep Roblox accounts linked using our RoVer powered verification.

In addition to these amazing features, Aerolinia also offers a premium version.
You can check out our premium plans here. With Premium, you get access to great translation commands, along with the ability to white-label your announcements. We can’t wait to see how your server uses Aerolinia!


Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.