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Created by: Duncan#6969
AlphaSbeve - The bot that does it all!


The bot that does it all!


  • Animal pictures and facts
  • Real-time info about the bot
  • Food category (right now it only lets you search for recipes)
  • Fun commands (eg 8ball, chat with the bot, memes, reddit, etc)
  • Image manipulation commands
  • Math category (includes some useful commands and also number facts)
  • Discord moderation commands
  • Music commands (pretty much every music command you want is available)
  • Text category (eg emojify, text to binary, etc)
  • Lots of generally useful commands (eg advice, google/youtube search, user/channel/guild information, etc)
  • And more commands are being developed

Support server

Note: this server was not specifically made for this bot, but any questions or suggestions you may have, you can let me know there (or in dm).

For developers

This is the Github url if you want to take a look at the code: https://github.com/DeVlaminckDuncan/AlphaSbeve