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Servers: 13,070
Users: unknown
Upvotes this month: 96
Prefix: au
Created by: TheMystery#7755
Short link: discord.ly/among-us-bot-9765
The only Among Us Discord bot you need for your friends group/server. | Manages your group/server voice chats while playing Among Us
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After looking around both the r/DiscordApp and r/AmongUs subreddits I notice that a lot of people were looking for a discord bot that would manage their voice chats while they played the game. So I decided that it’s would be an interesting project to take on.


Among Us Bot allows you to play Among Us with friends without having to worry about people forgetting to mute, unmuting when dead or any of those pesky things that come with playing in a voice chat on Discord.

I created this bot as a side project but it has become a very important project that I am constantly improving and working on from user feedback and bug reports. Feel free to invite the bot to your servers and enjoy playing Among Us with friends.


Command prefix is au

Game Commands
Command Description
mute This command will mute all players in the voice chat you are in.
unmute This command will unmute all players in the voice chat you are in.
dead This command will set a player to dead. This means they won’t be unmuted when the unmute command is run.
revive This command will revive a player if they were set to dead by accident.
end This command will unmute all players (Dead and Alive).
webhook This command can only be run by webhooks but allows people to use the bot with webhooks (eg: when using a streamdeck)
Support Commands
Command Description
invite This command will send an invite that lets you invite the bot to your server.
donate This command will send a message that allows you to donate which will help keep the bot running.
support This command will give you a link to the support server.
prefix This command will change the bots prefix in your server (Premium Only)
About Commands
Command Description
info This command will send a message that contains a list of infomation about the bot and systems.
help This command will display a list of all commands and their usages.
privacy This command will send a link to the privacy page of the bot.
serverinfo This command will display information about the server.