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Add the Among Us Bot to improve your voice channels! Includes Moderation, Voice Channels, Matchmaking and more! Bot updated daily!
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✨ Configuration | Setup the bot to your liking!
🔨 !config prefix・ Change the prefix of the server.
🔨 !config info・ Show configuration information.
🔨 !config logchannel・ Change the moderation logging channel
🔨 !config modrole・ Change the moderation role

✨ Moderation | Use moderation to keep the server clean!
📓 !vcmute・ Mute a user in a voice channel!
📓 !vcunmute・ Unmute a user in a voice channel!
📓 !forcemute・ Mute a user the next time they join a voice channel if they leave the voice channel before you can mute
📓 !vclogs・ Show voice channel logs for the user you provide!

✨ Game | General information on voice channels and gaining more players!
📓 !lfg ・Post a LFG Message that includes information on what you are looking for and how many players you need!
📓 !lobbies・ Show all lobbies that are currently looking for players.
📓 !votekick・ Vote to kick a user out of the voice channel

✨ Report System!
📓 !close・ Close the ticket in the channel!
📓 !block・ Block the user from using the report system in your server!
📓 !unblock・ Unblock a user from using the report system!
📓 !areply | !ar・ Anonymously reply to a report ticket!
📓 !reply | !r | !say・ Respond to a report ticket!
📓 !preset | !presets・ Setup presets to use in tickets!
📓 !repeat・ Show the original information about the ticket!
📓 !reportinfo・ Show information on the user reported!
📓 !userinfo・ Show information on the user that created the report!
📓 !reportconfig・ Set up the report system to your liking!
📓 !setupreport・ Automatically setup the entire report system for you!

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