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Among Us Statistics, leaderboards, trophies, graphs, api, FUN commands like eject/kill/button!

Among Stats

Send a screenshot of your statistics of Among Us and the bot will automatically help you track and compare your statistics with friends within the server. They will be available on https://amongstats.net/.
You will be able to see a leaderboard for each statistic and try to reach #1 among your friends.

Fun commands

;eject [user]
;kill [user]
;voteout [user1] [user2] etc.

Statistics commands

;help admin

Website statistics features

You can upload your stats to the website with a screenshot on Discord, or with one of our tools you can install. You can see graphs of your stats changing over time, see trophies and a leaderboard in your Discord server!

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Upload statistics

Simply upload your statistics on Discord to get started! Automatically upload statistics in between with Arlin’s uploader!

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Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ; | customizable
Servers: 3.10k
Users: 2.87k
Created by: Xelostar#8655
Short link: discord.ly/amongstatistics