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Add Anthem Bot to your server and get access to its powerful Moderation, Tickets Economy, Auto Moderation, and YouTube Notifications commands. Discord Bot.

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Anthem Discord Bot Described:

The best Discord Bot you'll ever need, Moderation, Tickets Economy, Auto Moderation, YouTube Notifications, Anthem has it all!
Anthem is the best Discord Bot you’ll ever find, it combines features from Mee6, Dyno, Carl-Bot and others. It offers premium features of other bots, like reaction roles, tickets, starboard and others for free.

Setting up Anthem is fairly easy, First, Invite the bot to your server (make sure it has all the necessary permissions). Then, run the help command for an overview of all the commands. Keep in mind to use ! before all the commands (unless your server has a custom prefix). To be able to set a custom prefix, use the setprefix command to add a custom prefix for your server. Multiple custom prefixes can be added aswell.

Feature Overview
• Auto Moderation

Anthem’s powerful Auto Moderation prevents a user from sending multiple emojis, mentioning multiple users and sending multiple images at a time. All these can be customized using the toggleautomod command. Anthem also prevents a user from sending invite links of Discord Servers, sending any type of a link, or using foul language, this can be toggled using the toggleantilink and toggleantiswear command.

• Auto Reaction

This makes the bot automatically react to messages sent in a specific channel. This can be set with the addreaction command. The bot can react to messages with multiple emojis at the same time.

• Auto Roles

Want the bot to give a role or multiple roles to a user when they join the server? Use the toggleautorole command to either add or remove an autorole. Multiple roles can be added to a member when they join.

• Custom Commands

Anthem’s powerful Custom Command system allows you to create various custom commands with aliases. To create a custom command use the createcc command with the name and content of your custom command.

• Giveaways

Want to host Giveaways with requirements for your server? Use the gstart command of the bot to create a giveaway with requirements (currently supports only role requirements)

• Logging

Anthem’s powerful logging module will allow you to keep track of all the members in the server. From a member’s avatar update to message deletions. Anthem provides logging for more than 40 events!

• Moderation

Anthem’s powerful moderation system allows you to keep rule breakers out of the server.

• Music

Listen to high quality music from platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, and much more! Use the play command to start listening to music.

• Reaction Roles

Want the bot to give a role to a member when they react with an emoji on a message? Use the rradd command to add a reaction role to a message. This gives the specified role to the member when they react to the message.

• Server Statistics

Server Statistics keeps track of the members in your Discord Server by displaying either the member count, the bot count or both in a voice channel created by the bot in the specified category. Use the setmembercountchannel to get started.

• Starboard

A creative way to pin/favourite messages by reacting with a ⭐ to the message, messages are posted in the set channel when the message reaches more than the set amount of star reactions.

• Suggestions

Allows the members of your server to suggest new features for your server. To get started, use the setsuggestionschannel command, which sets a suggestions channel for your server where suggestions will be posted.

• Tickets

Anthem’s highly customizable ticket module allows your server members to interact with the server staff in a better way. To get started with tickets, use the toggleticketcategory command to toggle (set/remove) a ticket category to create tickets in.

• Welcome/Farewell

Want to greet new members who join your server or say goodbye to ones who leave? Use Anthem’s Welcome Message module to do so. Its customizable Welcome Messages module allows you to either DM users when they join, or send an image or a normal message in a set channel.

• YouTube Notifier

Notifies you or your server members when your favourite YouTuber posts a new video.

Useful Links

Support Server
Invite (normal)
Invite (Administrator Permissions)
Privacy Policy

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Anthem Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Anthem to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Anthem Discord Bot' on this page.

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