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Created by: Isaac The Mexican#7785
The first bot with the sole purpose of preventing the usage of the N-word

Anti N--Word Bot

Anti N--Word Bot allows you to easily block the N--word.
However, if you have any black people in your server, you can give them "N--word passes" which will let them use it.

Using it

Here's the commands:

  • $delete True/False

True will have the bot delete messages with the N--word, False won't.

  • $softa True/False

True will have the bot consider soft a(Ni**a) as the N--word, False won't.

  • $bok Ban/Kick/None

Ban will have the bot ban users who use the N--word, Kick will have it kick them, None will have it do nothing to them.

  • $givenwordpass (user)

Gives the given user an N--word pass. (Unlimited usage until you take it away)

  • $revokenwordpass (user)

Revokes the given user of their N--word pass.

  • $nwordpasslist

Shows a list of everyone who has an N--word pass.