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High quality music bot with free volume, 24/7 music, Audio filters, DJ system, bot channels, Autoplay, Custom playlists, and much more!

Aqua bot is a music bot. We aim to give best out of all bots with various features.
My prefix is S!
My Commands are
Filters - [6]
8d, bassboost, demon, nightcore, speed, vaporwave
Management - [8]
announce, clear, move, moveme, remove, removedupes, shuffle, volume
Misc - [7]
help, invite, node, ping, stats, vote, info
Music - [15]
forcefix, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, playskip, previous, queue, replay, resume, search, seek, skip, skipto, stop
Settings - [8]
24_7, autoplay, fix, playlist, prefix, prime, setdj, settext
Sources - [3]
soundcloud, spotify, youtubemusic

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