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AshKetchum Bot

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A simple Nitro generator, music, fun commands bot Online 24/7 (Bot need verified invite backup bot link in description)

Backup bot invite link: https://discordbotlist.com/bots/little-ashketchum-bot-backup

A simple Nitro generator, music, fun comands bot
Prefix is gift (start gift in every commands)
Use gift ping or check Bot’s profile to see Bot status(Music or nitro generator mode on?)
Use gift help to see All commands
Use gift support to get support server invite link

Nitro generator commands:
Use gift 10nitro to generating 10 unchecked nitro
Use gift 50nitro to generating 50 unchecked nitro
Use gift 100nitro to generating 100 unchecked nitro
Use gift 1000nitro to generating 1000 unchecked nitro (premium donator only)
Use gift 24/7nitro to generating unchecked nitro 24/7 (premium donator only)

Any question or suggest please DM Kris#3411 or join support server
If you want donate or use our premium bot please donate here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kzwgameplay , please DM Kris#3411 to claim the premium bot invite link.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.