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Asteroid! Discord Bot Described:

Asteroid Turkish with you! Server Protection & Dynamic Moderation Services! You can add more to your server. English soon.
Welcome to the Void!

I would like to give you the most important information in the first place. Currently, only TURKISH Language Support is available in the service. During the development of English Language Support work has been started and will take a little bit longer, but let’s see.First of all, Hello! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m kutsi, the developer of the Asteroid! bot, and I’m also a student. I started this job almost 3 months ago and I’m slowly learning and trying to improve myself. Yeah, it’s not like I’ve had a few hardships and troubles in my way. Anyway, let’s forget about me for now and talk about the Asteroid!

Who or What is an Asteroid!?

It is a bot that begins development and coding operations on June 20, 2020 and provides protection and service to people. Let’s hear him say what he’s like.

Hello, Friend! I’m Asteroid! Let me introduce myself to you. I’m protecting all of you, making things easier for you, and azda wants to make you happy. That’s how I gain your trust and improve myself and get to better places. Thank you to Kutsi, my developer for that. Thanks to him, I’ve improved a lot, protecting hundreds of servers and thousands of users, making it easier for them to do their job. I need your support in this process, I believe that I will come to better places with support and develop myself more. I hope I have earned your trust and your love. If you’d like me to join you, don’t hesitate to add me to your server, I’m always there for you.Let me tell you about some of my services;First of all, I’m a protection and moderation bot. I’m programmed to serve you 24/7, and I seem to be doing my job well. We’ve had some pretty good returns, so we’ve improved our systems. Now let me tell you all about this.

First of all, let me offer you a few of the protection services;

Capitalization Protection (a!cl-engel): This protection prevents people who come to your server and troll with capital letters from using capital letters to take up space in your conversation. This gives you a better conversation environment. Ads Protection (a!reklam-engel): You know that there are many fake accounts that come to your server, and these accounts have Site, Server, page ads that they do. We provide you with high-level protection to block these ads.
Everyone Protection (a!eo-engel): You will have people with everyone permission on your server and they will disturb members many times and disrupt your order, or they will plan to leave your side and use everyone permission to do their own advertising, in the process we have introduced a protection service so that you are not affected by these events, so everyone permission is blocked and deleted without. Role Protection (a!rol-koruma): This service actually appeals to community servers and concerns them more. I mean, the new people who join your server will want you to be evil, and they will try to console themselves by wiping out the roles that you have on your server, but we are preventing that and removing the roles and restoring the roles to their former state.
Bot Protection (a!bot-koruma): You don’t know if bots added to your servers are disruptive and you may lose your server in the process. In order to prevent this, we prevent bots from entering the server, you and the text channels with advertising content, argo content to share your peace of mind by preventing you. Profanity Protection (a!küfür-engel): You know that in this period, everyone uses many words of profanity in the sentence he wrote and disrupts the order of the environments. To prevent this, we added many swear words and acronyms to our system and provided barriers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Asteroid! Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Asteroid! to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Asteroid! Discord Bot' on this page.

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