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Created by: _PeDrO_293#2933
While other Music Bots have Bass Boost and Volume Control for only Premium Users, Audio City has it for Free!

What is Audio City ?

Audio City is a Free & Easy to Use Discord Music Bot !

Bot Commands

a!help, [Shows The General Commands List] - Usage: a!help, a!hp

a!play, [This Will Play Music With or Without Links] - Usage: a!play, a!p

a!search, [Searches for Music] - Usage: a!search, a!sc

a!skip, [Skips the Music to The Next One] - Usage: a!skip

a!stop, [Stops the Music] - Usage: a!stop

a!pause, [Pauses the Music] - Usage: a!pause

a!resume, [Resumes the Music] - Usage: a!resume

a!nowplaying, [Shows the Music] That Plays Now - Usage: a!nowplaying, a!np

a!queue, [Shows the Entire Queue] - Usage: a!queue, a!q

a!volume, [Sets The Bot Volume] 1-200 ( Volume 200 = Bass Boost ) - Usage: a!volume, a!vol

a!loop, [Loops the Current Music OR Queue] - Usage: a!loop

a!ping, [Shows the Ping of The Bot] - Usage: a!ping

a!invite, [Shows The Bot Invite] - Usage: a!invite

a!support, [Shows The Support Server] - Usage: a!support

a!vote, [Shows Where You Can Vote The Bot] - Usage: a!vote

a!donate, [If You Want to Support Me and My Bot] - Usage: a!donate


If You need Support with The Bot Please Join our Support Server: https://discord.gg/KnK68GF and we Will Assist You.