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Protecting Discord Id/server username identity and automatically bans any attempts to impersonate a 'reserved' username

To protect against Discord Identity/Impersonation this bot monitors both Discord Id and server (guild) profile names and automatically bans anyone who attempts to impersonate a ‘reserved’ username(s).

The bot then monitors incoming new members and member name updates and compares with the ‘reserved’ list. If there is a match the user is presumed to attempt impersonation and is automatically banned.


• (Basic) Register a single '@User' to be reserved.
• (Premium) Register multiple '@Roles' to be reserve all users with matching roles.
• (Premium) Every minute it scans and updates roles list

• Define severity event to either automatically "ban" or "rename" violating username.
• Tracks both Discord ID and server (guild) profile usernames.
• Scans automatically guild level name change events.
• Scans automatically incoming new members.
• Automatically bans when a 'reserved' username(s) match are found.
• Specify dedicated 'log-channel' for all bot message/results.
• Warns (basic) or displays (premium) usernames that contain non-Latin charsets for manual banning.
• List all members and Discord ID for visual scan.

Help provided through dedicated Discord Support Server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.