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BBot for discord can help you manage your pins and server with automatic message pinning and backing-up in stylish embeds.

BBot For Discord

BBot is a a general-purpose discord bot with the killer feature of backing up pins to a dedicated channel in order to effectively bypass the 50-pin limit imposed by discord. It’s written in C# with DSharpPlus and can be accessed using the $ prefix or by mention.

Main Commands
  • Autobackup will let you forget all about discord’s silly 50-pin limit.

  • Autopin will help your community remember its best moments.

  • Backup helps you manage your servers by moving your pinned messages.

  • Search searches for a query on google.

  • Changelog posts the version information for BBot.

The Backup Feature

The pin-backup feature is the main reason you’ll want to be using bbot, and the reason it was written. It can take up to 50 pins from a channel and post them using a stylish embed in the channel of your choice, which makes it perfect for your server administration. It supports text, images, videos, embeds - just about anything. It provides direct links to posts so you can go back in case anything goes wrong, or if you’re just curious about what went down when.

BBot Backup Feature

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