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A multipurpose Discord bot written in discord.py.


Bossy Discord Bot

A multipurpose Discord bot written in discord.py. . You can turn Bossy into an admin bot, action or fun bot to make the Discord experience better!


Brings you a plenty of commands for moderation, action, fun, text, image, and queries.

  • Moderation commands (kick, ban, hackban, softban, addrole, mute, purge, and etc.)
  • Action commands (kiss, hug, slap, stink, smile, cry, cuddle, bully, and etc.)
  • Fun commands (toss, dice, gay, meme, hotcal, 8ball, dog, duck, cat, and etc.)
  • Text Commands (tweet, fancify, reverse, supreme, clyde, embed, and etc.)
  • Image Commands (deepfry, iphonex, magik, trash, jail, baguette, and etc.)
  • Search commands (googleimage, wiki, imgur, urban, spotify lyrics, and etc.)
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Prefix: /
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: HéxagØn#4813
Short link: discord.ly/bossy