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Invite Boyfriend Bot to your server and enjoy its fun commands! Get your virtual boyfriend now! Discord Bot.

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boyfriend Discord Bot Described:

Finally, a bot for simps. Boyfriend Bot is your virtual boyfriend with loads of fun commands!
Welcome to Boyfriend Bot!
Finally, a bot for simps. Boyfriend Bot is your virtual boyfriend with loads of fun commands!

From moderation to fun, your server won’t need another bot like this again. Boyfriend bot is a fun to have a bot to have in your server that gives you funny responses when you say -boyfriend.
Boyfriend bot also has moderation commands like kick, ban, and purge. The bot talks like a 15-year-old boy on Snapchat and uses some bad words, although it’s nothing too bad. Some commands include, -boyfriend, -slap, -kiss, -date, -truthordare, -nsfwpickupline etc. Headway hopes that you enjoy our Bot! :)
(P.S. Thank you Max for your contributions!)
To change Boyfriend bots prefix run -sprefix (new prefix)

Update Log
Current Version: 1.2.3
Version Supported Change Logs
1.2.3 Boyfriend Bot now confirms that -ban and -kick actions took effect. We cleaned up the bot a bit.
1.2.2 Fixed -nsfwpickupline and did some housekeeping.
1.2.0 Cleaned up everything in the bot. It now runs on a new server! Also introduced join/leave messages for the bot and other commands. Check out -help!
1.1.9 Fixed the @everyone responding fix, and setting up for music commands coming in 1.2.0!
1.1.8 Adding -eval, and other bug fixes.
1.1.7 Added custom prefix support! Server owner’s/admins please run -add to make sure your bot is in the database!
1.1.6 Added -nsfwpickupline which returns a not so sfw message sometimes.
1.1.5 Added the -icon command which gives the server’s icon
1.1.4 Updated -updatelogs to refer to the public Github’s logs!
1.1.3 While using -daddysay anyone could say @everyone, changed so that only admins can use @ from now on.
1.1.2 Adding awaits to the avatar command
1.1.1 Minor bug fixes and updating
1.1.0 Adding moderations commands, and NSFW commands to v12.
1.0.9 New profile picture for Boyfriend Bot! We fixed up a few things and added the -gametruth and -gamedare commands. See you on the otherside in Beta!
1.0.8 Cleaned up Boyfriend Bot commands! The beta will be launching soon!
1.0.7 Cleaned up Boyfriend Bot commands! The beta will be launching soon!
1.0.6 Added -date (thanks @mwilky ☆#0929) and removed some commands nobody used. Also cleaned up a few things like grammar is some places.
1.0.5 Redid the -invite command to include more features, check it out! Also changed from The Boyfriend Council to citizens.
1.0.4 Finished -purge command and created a suggest command. (6/7/2020)
1.0.3 Re-did the ban command and added some new features! Run -help
1.0.2 Boyfriend bot has been cleaned up a bit.
1.0.1 Boyfriend bot has been completely re-written and is more reliable/advanced with its ban, kick, and info commands. For help run -help in your servers command channel! Also, happy pride month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add boyfriend Discord Bot to my server?

You can add boyfriend to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add boyfriend Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: - and customizable
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Created by: Helen Janice Keller#2544