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Prefix: b!
Created by: ٴٴ#2235
This bot is inspired by the game Brawl Stars, it is still in development and it is preparing to be a bot for minigame / arcade, it will have accessories such as boxes, brawlers, etc.

This bot I consider that it is a good complement for the active servers which have themes or arcades implemented, with a good user participation to see which user is the best and the most active, this bot is still in development and is not finished, for which may have certain bugs, bugs or missing things, please report them on the support server, there is also a private economy system, the gems which allow you to buy from small boxes to mega boxes, all brawlers can be unlocked, from the way from trophies to legendary ones, this will have a good support to implement new brawlers (When they come out in the official game), there is also a plan to prepare a skins system with star points