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Modmail with reaction for a clean support area and custom voices to let your users moderate themselves


Black coding style

What can I do with Bruni?

  • Create temporary self-moderated voice channels
  • Create a self assignable role management system
  • Moderate your server
  • Create a reaction based ticketsystem/modmail
  • Create a feedback system
  • Create a filter for badword, symbols and phrases

The b!help-command can also help you!

Setup the bot

  1. Set your mod roles as autoimmune, to not be effected by rules
b!autoimme @role
  1. Set you mod and admin roles
b!set addadminrole @role
b!set addmodrole @role

Here is a tip for you:

With “b!help Command/Cogs” you get extra information on how to run certain commands.

b!help autoimmune
b!help WordFilter
Command What it does
b! autoimmune Immunity from automated actions
b! set Set admin and mod roles for the bot
b! about Information about the bot and invite
Cogs What it does
Embeds Utilities for embeds
Levels Levelsystem for active communities
ModLog Create modlog for certain actions
Modmail Ticketsystem
Customrooms Temporary voice channels
Management Utilities for mods and admins
Moderation Moderate your server with kicks, bans, etc
Namefilter Filter names for phrases and symbols
RushRoyale Commands for the game RushRoyale
Wordfilter Filter messages for words
Feedback Get feedback from the community like reddit
Roleassignment Let users choose roles
Utils Filter messages for words

Do you need help?

Read the docs
Join my support server!
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