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Prefix: pika!
Created by: scorbunny#3605
A bot for replacing user messages to emulate having multiple accounts. Great for furry roleplay.

what is Buizel box you may ask

Buizel box is for furry RP it allows you to register your OCs on it

pika!avatar - View or change a OC's avatar

pika!birthday - View or change a OC's birthday, or see upcoming birthdays

pika!brackets - View or change a OC's brackets

pika!describe - View or change a OC's description

pika!feedback - Get a link to the official support server!

pika!find - Find and display info about OCs by name

pika!github - just gives you the GitHub page i dont know why you would need help

pika!help - Print this message, or get help for a specific command

pika!invite - Get the bot's invite URL

pika!list - Get a detailed list of yours or another user's registered OCs

pika!register - Register a new OC

pika!remove - Unregister a OC

pika!rename - Change a OC's name

pika!showuser - Show the user that registered the OC that last spoke

pika!tag - Remove or change a OC's tag (displayed next to name when proxying)

pika!togglebrackets - Toggles whether the brackets are included or stripped in proxied messages for the given OC

pika!vote - Vote for me and help my creator!

{the description will be refined later on}