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Created by: EEKIM10_YT#4015
Short link: discord.ly/bumpr
Advanced discord bump bot, designed to efficiently get your server out there!


Now version 2!

What’s new in v2?

Compared to v1, this version is much faster, more user-friendly, easier to use, and even more efficient!

The following list details some of the largest (not all) changes from v1 to v2:

  • Bump time reduced from 30+ seconds to less than 1 second!
  • Less 20 minute cooldown, reduced from 60 minutes (and 10 minutes for premium, 15 minutes for voters)
  • Nicer looking messages - all embedded now
  • thoroughly debugged! this means there are far less bugs compared to v1
  • No random restarts!

Nice but how can I tell if this will work?

We have a command for this! You can run b!eligible and it will list how many servers can get your bump

You can also see the “growth” graph by running b!growth.

What is this bot though?

By far one of the best adveritsing (bump) bots out there! It has an economy system, with dynamic worth, most elements are customisableand simple commands!

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