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Prefix: c!
Created by: MrTiger0307#2871
Short link: discord.ly/cards-against-humanity-2650
Play a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity, but in Discord!

Global commands:

• c!help - Brings up a help message
• c!commands - Show a list of all commands
• c!support - Brings up a link to the support server
• c!invite - Brings up the bot’s invite link
• c!vote - Brings up links to the bot’s vote pages
• c!prefix - Change command prefix to given letter

Pre-game commands:

• c!start - Start a game of Cards Against Humanity
• c!reset - Cancel a game of CAH (will not reset settings)
• c!add <pack(s)> - Add a pack (use “c!add all” to add all available packs)
• c!remove/c!rm <pack(s)> - Remove a pack (use ‘base’ for original pack)
• c!packs - Show a list of all available packs
• c!contents - Show all cards in a certain pack
• c!setwin - Set number of points needed to win
• c!timer - Set idle timer
• c!setblank - Set number of blank cards
• c!join - Join a game of CAH
• c!leave - Leave a game of CAH

Ongoing game commands:

• c!play/c!p <card(s)> - Play the selected cards
• c!display - Re-display the current scoreboard/black card
• c!reset - Reset an ongoing game of CAH
• c!join - Join the current game
• c!leave - Leave the current game
• c!kick - Vote to kick a player

If you have any questions feel free to join the support server and ask!

We are in no way, shape, or form, affiliated with Cards Against Humanity, LLC, nor are we attempting to
violate any trademarks or copyrights otherwise owned or controlled by them.