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Casino Discord Bot Described:

A bot that replicates a casino.
  • Setting Up
    It is recommended to have at least two channels for efficiency and order. One called count and the other called casino (or casino-1). More info on count in Games
  • Basic (1)
    help, info, ping, balance/credits, bank, transfer, daily
  • Games (2)
    guess, slot, count, crash, coinflip, blackjack, lottery
  • Support (3)
    Info about support server and how to support developer
  • Level System
    Level is based on amount of messages. Messages as commands yield a higher xp gain
  • Gifts
    Certain times and known events will yield a gift; use $gift to see if one is available

List of Commands

  • help
    Displays this message (Correct usage: $help)
  • info
    Tells info about the bot (Correct usage: $info)
  • ping
    Tests your ping (Correct usage: $ping)
  • balance(bal)/credits
    Displays your credits (Correct usage: $balance or $credits)
  • top/leaderboard
    Shows the top users with the most credits (Correct usage: $top or $top [#<51 if applicable])
  • bank
    Display, withdraw or deposit credits in your bank (Correct usage: $bank or $bank [(withdraw)/(w)] [amount] or $bank [(deposit)/(d)] [amount])
  • interest
    The interest rate changes each day, and increases your bank amount each day. You can see the current interest rate with $interest
  • transfer
    Transfer your credits to a user (Correct usage: $transfer @user [amount])
  • search/job
    (Correct usage: $search; possible when net worth (bank+balance) is less than 100)
  • daily
    (Correct usage: $daily; depends on level)
  • vote
    (Correct usage: $vote)

List of Games
Use the command without any bets to get extra information on the game.

  • guess
    Guess the number or whether its even/odd (Correct usage: $guess [amount] [odds/optional])
  • slot
    Test your luck (Correct usage: $slot [amount])
  • crash
    More risk, more reward (Correct usage: $crash [amount])
  • coinflip
    Flip the coin (Correct usage: $coinflip [amount])
  • blackjack
    Card game between you and AI (Correct usage: $blackjack [amount])
  • lottery
    Draws a random user from the pot (Correct usage: $lottery [amount], then use play to join (Timer: 1 min)
  • roulette
    Spins the wheel to get a random number (Correct usage: $roulette [amount], then message your choice

  • count (channel game)
    Count up to multiples of 50 with fellow clan mates; user1:1, user2:2, … (Correct usage: Has to be in a channel called count; use $recent to see last count; 450s suspension for the one who gets it wrong)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Casino Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Casino to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Casino Discord Bot' on this page.

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