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A connected bot to a fictive discord server with everyone else on discord ! It works pretty much like a talkie walkie
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This bot is the first World Wide Discord Communation Bot :

Named after RWBY (Cross-Continental Transmit System) it will allow you to communicate with other discord servers, let me explain. First of all, when you’ll invite it, it will create a category, that you shall never delete, and a channel : general. Every other channel that you create UNDER this category will be broadcasted across the CCTS, thus allowing others who shares the same channel name to receives those messages.

Imagine a channel under the “intercité” category named “hello” on a server called A, and the same channel on a server called B : If it is under “intercité” then your messages will be broadcasted, if not then not.

If you want the help menu you simply have to type “@CCT Relay * help”. If you want to know which channel are protected by mods : “@CCT Relay * officials” The reason why there is multiple relay is to simulate the universe from RWBY, or to prevent spam idk ?

If you want to choose which relay you want to have then you are free to go to : http://yewolf.ovh/ccts/ If you want to join the official hub : https://discord.gg/RBRMgSm

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.