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Created by: m.zifc#2790
Short link: discord.ly/chibibap-the-barista
(V.2) Chibibap is a hopefully simple Discord Bot to serve food and drinks and do other fun things.

About Chibibap
Chibibap, created on April 28th, is a multipurpose Barista Bot. She can do things like serving food (Cake, Cookies, Salad, Pancakes, Pizza) and do many other things (Flirt, Coinflip, Dice roll, RIP, Hug). Updates are currently being released weekly and commands added daily. All command requests/suggestions are considered and usually added (suggest via Twitter).
Please check out the Website for logs, issues, new suggestions, forms of contact, and all the commands.

Heyya! It’s your developer M.E or Mary Z. I’m so glad you could join me today! Below are some ways to contact me personally or through Chibibap. Please do not hesitate to contact me if needed. Responses are usually fast, but school is always my top priority!

Discord: m.zifc#2790
Per. Twitter: @maryzifc

Upcoming Updates

  • French pastry : Will include a couple of my favorite Pastries common in France.
  • Japanese food : Will include well-known Japanese dishes.