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Chika, a multipurpose Anime Discord bot with customization.
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  • Has configurable modules to which you can enable and disable in your guild ANYTIME. These modules are the following: Music (Configurable/WIP), Fun (Configurable), Moderation/Logging (Configurable), Economy/Leveling (Configurable), and Utility (Non-configurable). The bots main purpose was supposed to be it’s FUN module, but it’s slowly becoming an all-in-one bot with heavy customization. Chika also runs on Shards to support a lot of guilds in the future.

Chika FUN module commands:

  • hug - Hug someone!
  • cuddle - Give someone some cuddles!
  • kiss - Give someone a kiss!
  • poke - Poke someone!
  • feed - Feed someone!
  • tickle - Tickle someone!
  • pat - Pat someone!
  • slap - Slap someone!
  • marry - Send a marriage request to someone!
  • accept - Accept an incoming marriage request.
  • deny - Deny an incoming marriage request.
  • marriage - View your marriage status.

Chika Music module commands:

  • play - PLay music off YouTube
  • pause - Pause the current playing song
  • resume - Resume the current paused song
  • shuffle - Shuffle the current queue
  • connect - Makes the bot join the VC you are in
  • queue - Get the current queue
  • np - Get the current playing songs info
  • stop - Makes the bot leave the VC and purges the queue
  • equalizer - Set the equalizer setting
  • swap - Give someone else the DJ privilage
  • volume - Change the volume

Chika Utility module commands:

  • stats - Displays useful information about Chikas stats.
  • invite - Get the invite link for Chika & the support server invite.
  • module - Enable/Disable modules. Must have ADMIN permissions of the guild to-do this.

Chika Moderation module commands:

  • kick - Kick a user, you can also add a reason after you mention them. Reason will be logged in Audit.
  • ban - Ban a user, you can also add a reason after you mention them. Reason will be logged in Audit.
  • hackban - Hackban a user, you can also add a reason after the ID. Reason will be logged in Audit.

Chika Economy module commands:

  • profile - Display your profile & level information.
  • daily - Collect daily love credits.
  • gift - Gift credits to friends!
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